Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900

I cleared the AZ-900 Exam. :)

Below are my learnings:

  1. Operational Expenses and Captial Expenditure are two topics that I enjoy reading about. These 2 topics are the core concepts in Cloud fundamentals. It made my learning so much more enjoyable.

  2. Power of elimination: As I learned about the fundamentals it was easy to eliminate what could not be the correct answer


I used the below resources to prepare for it:

  1. Az-900-1

  2. Az-900-2

  3. Azure Fundamentals

    1. This channel explains the concepts from the ground up with an example

During learning

One mistake I did was

not allotting a buffer time of say 2-3 days to revise/reflect on the videos again before the exam

One good thing I did was:

While watching the videos the first time, I analyzed all the options of the answers, not just the correct ones. That helped me mentally map the services and helped me better with the elimination of the answers