Handle insecurities and self doubts - 1

Software development is a collaborative activity dealing with other people with similar emotions which are

  1. Aspiration

  2. Jealousy

  3. Fear

  4. Hope

  5. Love

  6. Hate

Just like us others also long for the below:

  1. Good salary

  2. Promotions

  3. Appreciation - Recognition for work

How are we different from others?

Each of our approaches to coping( with stress)

If our coping strategy leads us to

jealousy instead of aspiration,

fear instead of hope,

hate instead of love,

it is time to change our approach to coping with stress.

What lies at the foundation of this difference?

Fixed mindset vs Growth Mindset

Fixed MindsetGrowth Mindset

How do I build a better coping strategy?

  1. Remind yourself of how good you were without stress or with good coping strategies in the past

  2. Write down your wins

  3. Appreciate yourself for even small wins. None can notice that. You deserve kudos for even minor improvements. Be your cheerleader

  4. Realize that this is an infinite game and you might have failures but by learning from them you will have more wins

  5. Understand your journey is different from others. Never ever compare yourself to others if it causes jealousy.