How do I validate the effectiveness of a feature?

I use the below tools in my work to manage analytics:

  1. Google Analytics

  2. Tealium

  3. Firebase

What did I like about Google Analytics?

  1. It's interactiveness

  2. The user segmentation

How does it help me?

  1. Form a hypothesis.

  2. Frame it as a question to validate the hypothesis

  3. Create relevant user segmentation and validate the events



The % of successful signup is 100 on Mobile devices


Do mobile users have 100% successful signups?

How do I test it?

  1. Create a user segment of mobile devices - With varied parameters given below

    1. App

    2. Device Brand name

    3. Exclude vs Include

  2. Add a secondary dimension if required to look for a specific bunch of events

    1. The event starts/contains with "signup"